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Maharani Ayudhia better known by the name Ayudhia Bing Slamet (born in Jakarta, 13 September 1990; age 18 years) was a stage and film sinetron Indonesia. He is the grandson of a senior Indonesian comedian, Bing Slamet and the nephew of actors and performers senior Indonesian, Adi Bing Slamet, Iyut Bing Uci Bing Slamet and Slamet.Ayudia also have some star Sinetron Film and Indonesia. Some sinetron first produced Multivision Plus, and the rest is produced by Sinemart.

Ayudhia is the daughter pair Hilmansyah Bing Slamet and Susi Seniwati. Hilmansyah no other child is two legendary actors Bing Slamet. Ayudhia start in the community know the first time when the role of a role in the film When the screen width, garapan Actor and director famous Deddy Mizwar. After that Ayudhia many dibanjiri any role to play disinetron. One of the akting gemilangnya as the debonair, Who Stars in a bear aktingnya much praise for the brilliant, and also the role as a simple and funny girl in Who, What Dreams adolescent comedy

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